Aspire to Build

Construction is one of the top industries in the Ozark region.  Take some time to browse information about the construction industry in the Ozark region below.  If you are interested, please contact us to learn how we can help you develop your skills, and start constructing your career pathway today!

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Many options

The construction industry consists of a multitude of career specialties and overlapping skills sets.  With the vast need for a skilled workforce, the construction industry  offers a wide variety of options to gain the skills needed to be successful!


A defined need

A recent survey of employers in the construction industry in the Ozark region discovered that 81% of contractors report difficulty filling all of the positions for their work crews.

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An aging workforce

The average age of construction workers in the Ozark region is 43 years old, and aging.  Employers are desperate to refill their ranks with young recruits to replace those that retire.  The aging workforce provides great opportunities not only to enter the career paths, but to also advance into supervisory, and management positions.