Aspire to Innovate

The Ozark region has a strong, thriving Information Technology sector.  The increasing impact that Information Sciences has on all aspects of life are as present in our area as they are in other more urban areas.  Take a look at some information on the robust IT career outlook in our area, and then schedule a meeting with us to discover how you can get with the program.


EMBEDDED in many industries

Technological integration connects people and businesses on a global scale, and an unprecedented number of firms require information technology employees.   IT professionals can be found in almost every industry, and interact with every level of an organization's structure. This creates opportunity to not only specialize in your choice of industry, but also be a driver for innovation within any industry.

Higher than average wages

Computer and mathematical occupations offer an  astounding average salary of $78,270.  The average for all occupations in Missouri fall short of this number with only $44, 620.

An ever evolving career

Technology's constant evolution and innovation require a willingness to learn and apply new knowledge and skills.