Summer Job League

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The Summer Job League is a workforce placement program that helps young workers (ages 16-24) gain workplace skills and connect with local businesses.  Young adults gain real-world work experience while earning a paycheck, as well as allowing local businesses to interact with and train their future employees and leaders at NO cost! 


  • 240 hours paid work experience @ $8.50 an hour
  • Work readiness skill development
  • Supportive Services


As part of a State funded program Summer Job League staff must follow enrollment guidelines and collect documentation to determine eligibility.  The requirements for Summer Job League are as follows:

  • Missouri residents only
  • Ages 16-24
  • Gross family monthly income does not exceed 185% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

You can use this quick chart to view income thresholds based on family size below:

Due to changes in poverty guidelines this chart is unavailable. Please check back at another time.